Tuesday, 11. April 2006
No pictures, but a description
To knit the "Rosebud" (sorry no link, this mac powerbook G4 defeats me) you cast on 117 stitches (I chose an invisible cast-on) and knit 238 rows of a simple rosebud pattern, 22 repeats of rosebuds. Pick up 117 (119) stitches on every side and knit either in rounds and purl every second row, or knit the 4 border pieces seperately and seam them together.
I was afraid seams would pull in (I have made a pair of flat-knit booties in the shetland cobweb yarn I am using and the seam was just terrible), and knitting around 30.000 purl stitches just wasnt going to happen.

I picked up the stitches, and made sure to make 2 corner stitches in one corner. I turned around and knit a (purl) round, and when I arrived at the same point again I knit the first corner stitch veery losely, turned, transferred it to the other needle, pulled the second corner stitch over it and put it on the lefthand needle, and knit it - made my yarnover as this row was a pattern row (round) and proceeded as normal. I marked this corner with a hot pink piece of sock yarn (sockapaloooza yarn actually) to make sure I wouldnt knit right past it. Every time I come to that corner I knit the first corner stitch, turn, put the first stich back on the righthand needle , slip the other stitch over the first stitch, knit it and proceed.

Currently I am at row 31... well... The manipulated corner seems fine and pretty stretchy, and i dont (yet) regret my decision.

Have a nice day