Tuesday, 18. April 2006
No-purl, No-seam garter border pictorial.
Here be pictures and babbling:

Feel free to request further pictures and babbling if I left something out: skrukhoene-at-hotmail-dot-com.

Lets start out with this whipe heap of wool.
Lovely, aint it? Just as lovely as the doorstep of our back door I used to take pictures on :-) (The denim thing is the lower part of a jeans leg I cut off and made into a knitting bag. Me loves it.)

For your wieving pleasure, I knit a non-pattern (purl) round and am here a stitch and a YO before my TWO corner stitches - you need two corner stitches for this trick from the very beginning on.

Knit the YO and knit the first corner stitch veery losely - if you pull it tight this corner will pull in which isnt desirable.


Now, turn your work, carefully not to let any stitches slip off your needles, put the just-worked stitch over on the right-hand needle, insert your left-hand needle into the stitch BEHIND the one you just put on the right-hand needle, pull it over the first stitch, and off the right-hand needle, keeping it on the left-hand needle! Knit this stich, it now serves the same purpose as a corner stitch. YO and start your pattern round :-) The picture shows this maneuver (which sounds harder than it is) after the stitches have switched places.

When you have knitted a few stitches it should look like this:

The manipulated corner:

When I have knit that round and come to the manipulated corner from the other side, YO, k1, turn, pass 1 st. from LH needle to RH needle, pass second stitch over first one to the RH needle, knit round.

For the edging I am planning to knit those two corner stitches together, eg. treat them as one stitch to try to create the illusion that there was only ever one stitch.. :)

I hope my wording was clear and understandable :)

Have a nice day

/Lene (who wants to spin now..)