Sunday, 11. June 2006
Back to the grind.
Due to some TaiWan-blues, I rebooked my ticket to fly hom Tuesday, June 6. It was an uneventfull flight (Finished a LL sock, cast on another one, sat at the emergency exit from Amsterdam to Hamburg, had exactly 20 kgs baggage, and, most excitingly, my two bags came as number 7 and 10 in Hamburg!)

Well home, there was a book waiting for me (but no socks, boohoo, I have written my sock pal but no response yet). It was Jean Greenhowes Knitted Toys. Printed in 1986 but in as-good-as-mint state. It is so lovely that I could not resist casting on for a Guardsman right away with some black Lopi Lite, red Karisma from Garnstudio, pink Wool of the Andes and ome fat white wool I have inherited. He looks so cute it is almost unbearable, and as soon as his face is finished he will be not-so-cute, but fierce and ready to not only rescue queens, but everyone in need, especially pretty princesses that come with half a kingdom.

The pig I posted about before leaving has a face, but has left home to live with a lucky someone. I donated him to a drawing (along with a pair of socks from my grandma and 9 other assorted things ranging from shawl to doily) which will benefit a group of scouts from Zambia coming up to our large scout camp in July. My donation will enable them to raise another 100 euros if all tickets are sold! :)

There is a little story going with this too. About God.
One of our scout leaders who is a very outgoing person (and someone who trusts in God) was almost despairing because donations came so sparse and she feared she would have to ask some of the Zambians to stay at home. She prayed to God that he would help her, because she had no other to turn to in that case.
The next day she is coming home from work when her husband is at the phone talking to someone - "oh wait, she is coming in the door right now, so you can talk to her!".
It was a lawyer from Copenhagen who was representing a fund, a very unknown and small one, that had had very few people asking for money in the past year. Since they were obliged to give out a sum each year, they had been doing some searching to find groups worthy of a donation, and now he was calling her to ask if she wanted 20.000 kroner (2.500 euros) for her cause.
I could feel my hairs rising on my arms when I was told this story... It MUST have been God who had a finger in this! It was all so perfect, and she ha already recieved the money and bought the plane tickets for all of the wonderfull ladies from Zambia, which I am very much looking foward to meet again (for what will be the third time :)

Have a really nice day everybody.