Wednesday, 2. August 2006
"Knit on, with Confidence and Hope, through all Crises."
Yes, Elizabeth Zimmerman. That I will do :-)

I took off to start a bike journey of around 250 km's, but got stopped a bit over midways (after 1½ days) because it started to rain, and the forecast only told about more and more rain in the coming days. *Crying smiley*

Well, but now I have time to knit on my little idea.. It is not that it is such a large thing - in fact, it is sized for a medium adult - but there is more knitting than one would expect anyhow.
I am way past the hardest stuff now (well... 12 rows or so), and it shapes up nicely.

Sneek peek

Oh! Sneaky Holes! What do they represent?

I also knitted a little felted bag that is at home, drying, and half a sock. Summer hiatus continues :)