Monday, 7. August 2006
This flax sure it a funny thing.
Subject: I had such high hopes for the two of us.

Dear Flax.

I recieved you for the lousy sum of 1$ to test how we would go along - usually I am not one to pay for such pleasures, but you were so alluring that I had to give in and succumb. Your stubborn brown-ness and interesting texture had me from the first moment we sat down together and started to spin a common thread.
We started out fine with a strong and durable relationship, much cherished and oohed over by other people who were near us, marveling at the pace at which we progressed.

Now, however, I think you have cooled down, as I cannot find the magnificent togetherness again that we shared yesterday. Not even adding soft, white wool to your coarse coolness helped - you are lying there in your brown-grey skein, laughing at me while I look at you, frustratedly tapping my fingers on the keyboard.

Why is it that you find pleasure in mocking me, Flax? I have done most everything I knew for you - I washed you, I carded you, spun you, plied you - while almost cutting off circulation in my fingers - and skeined you - I made you everything you are! Please reward me for all this work, please show me that you appreciate my doings - and spring like a butterfly out of your cocoon, show me what you want me to do.
I give up.

Please behave, or I think that you must learn to enjoy the hamsters companion - he needs new bedding!



PS: It is the lifelessnes of you that does it dear Flax - if you were just a tad more willing to bend and stretch yourself, I am sure we would have a very fulfilling relationship, with happy pictures of us two and all - you know you want it to happen, too!