Friday, 11. August 2006
The growth of my projects.
Actually, yes, my projects seem to grow with astonishing speed!

The Kauni Lace project is already past the specified pattern - meaning, Meg Swansen specified 8 ladders for one shawl and 10 for another - wanting a large shawl, I knit until two holes of the 10th ladder, only to discover that "10 ladders" mean "9 ladders and two holes of the 10th ladder while doing a fancy border pattern that is continued for another few rows". My shawl will be of the "11 ladders" variety... *grins*

No problem whatsoever though, I have plenty of yarn and there is still some knitting stamina left - plus the fact that I am knitting on 5mm instead of 6mm needles, making me feel the need for compensating for the small(er) needles.

I am also spinning on a present Karin from Esbjerg gave me - 300g blue, green and yellow dye ends. I am spinning them for a 3½mm needle, and want to knit an "Ariadnes Jacket" from Spring Spin-off out of it.

It is 6am and we are going to pick up my stuff from my X soon - yay!

Have a really nice day


Update: I got my stuff! If you knew my X you would know what a feat that is. I not only got my stuff, I also got an opportunity to get my X back - but eh no, rather be single :-).
Kauni has grown to the point of adding the edging. After enlarging the shawl again and again, I have now started the flower border before the edging.