Thursday, 28. September 2006
How about some cables?
Now, I suppose many have seen the fabulous sweaters on the Yarnharlots blog. I was particularily smitten with one: The panelled, cabled one. I think I know where the inspiration came from - at least, I have a book (Horst Schulz, no link because his book are 1) german and 2) long out of print) where there are several such sweaters in, among many many other clever piece-knitted sweaters.

I have this black wool that I want to use for a sweater, and my mother graciously offered me "a good bunch" of a gorgeous silver grey fleece with an incredible staple lengt - and an incredible weight.

Now, wouldnt it look gorgeous to knit the saddles and a saddle-wide cabled strip atop the sleeve, the collar and a wide panel on the front in silver grey while having the rest in black?

I dont like seams, so I will cheat - of course, I am almost saying.

I would show pictures of gorgeous wool (and an almost finished edging for the christening shawl), but the batteries have died. The charged ones are - story of my life - not where I am. That's just as typical as my first riding lesson in a long time yesterday - my boots were not where I was, so I tried with my hiking boots (sz. 11). They wouldnt fit. I think I was quite heroic in riding my whole lesson without stirrups (Is that right? I asked babelfish.) I had only tried that once before, for 30 seconds. As I said, story of my life - stuff is where I am not.

Have a really nice day


PS: I KNOW I was riding yesterday - sitting on the floor is a no-go today, as is walking fast, taking stairs two steps a time, doing extended pedaling on the organ... owie.