Monday, 13. November 2006
Christmas is around the corner!
At school, we are rehearsing christmas psalms, on my door there is now a beautifull wreath (I may say so, I made it!), and there is often snow in the air.
As every person with crafty hands and empty pockets knows, this is the time for giving and recieving!

My Nephews First Christmas Present!

Since my Nephew managed to be born late evening the 25th december 2005, this will be his first christmas, and he will be as old as he could possibly be at his first christmas ever - 364 days on December 24, where we in Northen Europe celebrate Christmas.

Though, traditions nonetheless, sometimes we borrow from each other and bring new things to our countries.
I took advantage of the "Sock on the Chimney" mixed with our "Nikolaus" coming on Dec. 6, filling a boot put in the window, and created this on the promise of my mother that it would be filled every time I came home to my parents in December:

Pattern: My own, with inspiration from a picture on the net somewhere

I wanted my name on this sock, but err... Thou Shalst Not Figure Out A New Technique On Something That Wilst Be Seen Publicly. I should at least have read up on duplicate stitch or drawn a chart ;-)

I like it nonetheless, because it is personal and all mine! *bwhahaha*

If anyone should be interested in a (rough draft of a) pattern - I will write a blog entry in the upcoming week about that.

So delicate

I even managed to sneak in some knitting time on Beatrice - sadly, I have been in a bit of knitting blahs the while autumn through, which is also why I have mostly scrapped the idea of a black handspun aran sweater. The weather is dark and blah, so why knit and design and spin in black? I dont really need another depression ;-)
I love this Beatrice pattern, and knit on it occasionally. I am now down to 700 stitches all around, coming from 920. Gooood :-D

Then, at long last, there is also another christmas project.

A Faroese shawl for a swap

I will recieve a handknit troll, and Birthe - a spinning aquintance - will recieve this shawl. The swatch in the middle is the pattern I am using, and right now the shawl is two inches after the completed pattern. Why this old picture?
I forgot the shawl at my parents house.
There is a good reason though, because I was sick as a dog monday, trying to gather all my stuff (Which was harder than usual because of my two new friends and all their stuff):

The Agouti is called "Ditlev", and the three-coloured is called "Prins"

In all the huff and hurry tuesday morning - me still a bit sick, my grandparents coming over a bit too early and catching me not at all ready etc. - I forgot my knitting, my milk and the boy's vegetables. Typically, right? ;-)

Good thing that I had the baby sweater and the Christening Shawl handy here in my own flat.

The sock was started and completed within two days, and probably what pulled me out of my lethargic state of mind - it was fun! It was easy! It was quick! It was something completely new! (Christmas Stocking was new, not knitting socks *lol*)

In a vain hope that I have not broken your modem or some such - I seem to have gone overboard with the pictures today!! - have a really nice day.