Saturday, 2. December 2006
In which we return to regularly sceduled knitting.
If you are my mother, will you please close your eyes?

Dont look, I said >:-(

Tralalala, if you still havent closed your eyes, do it now - and click on the shiny, pretty X in the upper right corner, ok?

Colourwork! :-0. Fat needles (US8, 5mm), worsted yarn, and oodles of stitches. I am hoping for a kind of fairytale look, that will probably morph into "Yay! Room for lots of layers underneath"

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in 100g natural Hanks, and a bit of the same from Elann. Lateron, I will use some green to top off this sweater with a raglan yoke, finishing the snowflake pattern when I begin the raglan decreases.

There is a pretty pretty cuff that takes a lot of work on this sweater, but that must wait until I finally get started on the body. I must cast on 320 stitches. I will decrease to 225 once I am done with the cuff, but my fingers already ache at the very thought. (Not that they didnt do that already, I had an unfortunate incident with a sharp metal thingie earlier)

Have a really nice day

/Lene MultiPosti