Tuesday, 12. December 2006
I have knit a sweater.
.. and then i felted it.

I saw a picture in a magazine that I absolutely liked, and started to knit a "semi-alike" sweater. It had a tightly cabled (lattice pattern) cuff on both sleeves and body, a large and tall cabled neck band, snowflakes across the chest, and set-in sleeves. The sleeves hit the model about, uh, three inches down her arm. Quite unflattering! Also, it was only one size: Petite.

While I am not petite, I am not terribly big either.

I added quite a few stitches to the cuffs, decreased some after knitting the cuffs, and knit body and sleeves in white with half the snowflake motif, light blue yarn and the white as dominant colour.. Then I joined body and sleeves for a shapely raglan shoulder, cutting the white yarn and adding a deep green, using the light blue as the dominant colour, being afraid that the green would swallow the blue.

I actually finished it within a week (I dont count the two days I spent knitting one cuff... pah), and it was wonderfull. It fit perfectly. The colours were just right.

I wanted it to dry so I could wear it when my mother came - and did not want to wear an unblocked sweater. I waited and I waited... decided to put it in the dryer... (Do you see where this is headed?)

When I pulled it out again it had shrunk... Just a leetle... But enough that it did not fit!!!

I have tried soaking it in milk to make the fibers release their grip of each other, and have stretched the bejeezus out of it. I really need another inch in the sleeves, but, oh joy - I forgot it at home where it is drying at the same place the Grey Shawl dried. Well, maybe I can wear it when I go playing for the local danish schools christmas sermon, and the not-so-local danish kindergartens sermon.

I christened my sweater the "Snow Forest", and sometimes "Snowflake Winter".

Yes, the picture in my previous entry (That you may look at now, mor), was of a finished sleeve. The whole she-bang was finished late the 7th.

The next project is another "I Know I Can" thing, using some handspun... Hmm.. .and a Web Pattern...

I feel almost bad for this:

Christmas Present?

I have two almost-finished sleeves for it, so with time, it will get done. Just.. Not Right Now.

I really want to get going on this:

I am wearing a fragile handspun alpaca stole as my favourite winter accessory, but feel a little bad about it because it gets caught so easily. This will be my replacement.

Have a really nice day - I must go grocery shopping, or I will starve :-)