Wednesday, 13. December 2006
Oops, I did it again...
I started a new project:

A swedish scarf

I have never been scared off any pattern just because of the language it was written in - I have, in fact, encouraged my mother to knit from a finnish pattern once, namely the Linux scarf (Link goes to english translation, not yet availible back then).

No, being scared off by an unreadable pattern is not something that happens over here. I speak danish, and swedish comes from the same roots - similar enough, that the few words that are not at all similar can be guessed by the context.

The bad thing? I will not have enough yarn for even a short scarf. I must card more and spin it - meaning it can not be done before christmas. It will also be substantially different - but does that matter? It is impossible to recreate the exact mix of lambs wool, silk, dog fluff, black wool, pink wool and "random bitsies". I want it to replace my alpaca "scarf" (stole), that I am afraid of damaging by wearing it every day.

I have exiting news (for me): I might be able to finish my organ studies in 2½ years instead of 4½, meaning I will be 25 coming on 26 instead of 27 coming on 28. YES! The bad news is, that I might go down substantially in income and might have to... move. I cringe inwardly at that thought, but if I have to... Then I will.

Have a really nice day