Monday, 18. December 2006
Early Christmas Present.
Or was it Late Housewarming Gift?

What it is or not, here is what it was:


I absolutely love this piano, and it has an absolutely surprising sound for being so small. It was comissioned and paid in 1970 and built in 1971 - I can tell, because the original reciept and guarantee papers were still there, inside the piano. How cool is that?

It comes from a local millitary base that was closed down a few years ago. It stood in a heated office building and was only recently moved to an UNheated building (in the dentists room, of all places). I found it on the internet though. My mother paid half, and I paid half. Then there was the problem of getting it up my stairs that are a little steep and are a very sharp U shape. Problem solved: Two strong men, 90$ down their pocket, one hour of time and the piano stood where it should stand (included carrying it out of the basis, driving 10 miles to my home, carrying it up into my flat).

All in all, the piano has cost 700$. A steal! When I get back in january, I will spend another 100$ to get it tuned and inspected, and then I should be good to go. It is just a leeeetle out of tune.

I will also bring my own piano stool - stylish in black with black velvet, goes up and down and all that. It is just a little warped because I threw it on the floor, hard, once I was really pissed (about nothing).

I must be the worlds luckiest person. Absolutely. I have what I need, but I still have wishes and dreams, I am going on a road I want but still have endless stretches of wide open road in front of me.

Have a really nice day