Wednesday, 20. December 2006
I came back to my parents today to play at my little sisters christmas school party, which went quite well. I even got paid :-)

On another note, I think I almost broke my heart. The white and green sweater? With the blue snowflakes? I had tried to unshrink it by soaking it in milk as several people had recommended. My mother went up and found green stuff growing on it.. EWWW... So she washed it, twice, in her washer. Laid it out.

It had felted :-(((( Much more than previously. It must have been the washing two times in a row thing, or the milk, or something, I dont know. I only know that it is very small now, and only fit for those with very little bust. So sad. I already loved that sweater, and never even got to wear it except for one little hour. Had it just been a plain st. st. sweater, but it had such elaborate cuffs and a beautifull band of snowflakes. It was so perfect, the white yarn lighted up and the dark green accentuated my face.

I am very wary of knitting another sweater now. That just hurts too much. Not just that the sweater is gone - the yarn is gone too. Would not have been so bad if I could have unraveled it. My mother offered me some other yarn, but it is not really her fault that it is unwearable, she just wanted to help me.

*Sigh*.. It is so hard.

But on a lighter note, the evening went really well, so I hope my next two assignments will also go by easily (A kindergarten sermon and a school sermon tomorrow and day after that). Maybe they will pay me. Maybe I will clutch my money and go to and buy some luxurious yarn to pet and hold. I buy a lot of yarn that way. Comfort Food. Does not make you thick, and yields many happy hours. (Except for if you felt it...)

Maybe I will buy a skein of Noro Kureyon and knit a Fake Isle hat with it. Or some of the fat Evilla yarn she is carrying, to make thrummed mittens. Or some of the thick oneply stripey yarn in cool colours to make a felted baggie (Oh maybe not.. I still have almost a pounds worth of yarn knitted into a felted bag that turned out ridiculously huge even after hard felting). Maybe I will just end up buying some soft wool and take it into bed with me (which has been known to happen. I have to skeins of Evilla in browns and blues that I store in my nightstand).

Just talking about "Yarn Therapy" already makes me much happier, isnt that funny? It is good to know that I have money in my pocket (Adding last weeks earnt money to it I could buy a sweaters worth of almost any yarn). Yarn is always good, because it does not induce guilt. I mean - it does not make you fat, ugly, hurts you or does anything but insulate your flat and keep you happy, all the way from dream to yarn to WIP to FO. You could roll around in it, or lay on it, hug it, watch it, roll it into a ball repeatedly, stick your face into it. If need be, you can cry into a ball of yarn, punch into it, throw it through the living room (if you do not have any vases or such), stomp on it and slap it on the walls without harming it.

Have a nice day

/Lene "Writing Therapy"