Thursday, 21. December 2006
What do you do when everything goes awry and you desperately need some shopping therapy?
Buy Yarn
Buy Booze/Candy
Buy Clothes
Buy things for other people
Walk around looking, but not buying

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Erstellt von knitting_keeps_me_sane am 21. Dec, 08:02.

Just a little questionnaire.
I figured out how to make polls today, and was really interested in how other people feel about "Comfort Shopping". I realise that not all (or for some, none) situations call for comfort shopping, but the cases that do are what I am thinking about here.

Referrer Fun
I very often get searches like "Estonian Wool Troll Doll". and "Denmark Nisse Picture" (Too bad my nisse picture is from Norway). Even "Lene Knit blog" often surfaces. Then there are the s*x-related ones that I wont go unto (Apparently, people in Mexico have something they call a "beautifull cutie").

At other times, it is funny to read the referrers. I am linked to at a swedish website dedicated to knitting, with a really neat link collection of 397 english blogs and lots of other stuff. http://fruitcakeknits.weblog.usFruitcake Knits. I really like her lace knitting!
Aaand... the visits when I have gushed out on another blog again, in these days mostly Jeans Miles Blog. I Simply Adore her work.

Have a really nice day. I will go play organ for a kindergarten :-)