Sunday, 24. December 2006
...And a very merry Christmas.
The turkey rests safe, marinating in my most favourite olive oil and garlic marinade. The potatoes are peeled. The presents rest underneath the tree. The tree itself is decorated with lights and many old favourites, handmade, bought, recieved as presents and so on. My favourite procrastination project, the Nephew Gansey, is joined at the arms and might just get finished until dec. 26.

Now just remains to prepare the turkey in the oven tomorrow, cook the potatoes, carrots and the "Rødkål" + the miscellanous, go to church and... Oh yes, enjoy.

We will, I am entirely sure of that.

Was christmas shopping with my little brother today - he had four presents, two of whom were ones we are sharing. I had imagined it to be a lot more hectic in the shops today, seeing as it is the last shopping day before christmas. We celebrate christmas on the evening of the 24th, and there is no such thing as "Open on Sundays" here. There is in Denmark, but they dont open on the 24th. Or the 25th. :-) He ended up with two DVD's, a toy car for the nephew and, amazingly enough, two very nice patchwork kits that he put together himself at my aunts quilt-shop.

I hope everyone will get just as nice gifts, and that nobody will have to sit alone whereever they are.

Have a really nice Christmas