Monday, 1. January 2007
Happy New Year
And a safe New Years ewe to you all and those who love you.

We have a bad storm and heavy rain, so we are all sitting inside here in our lovely cabin. The guinea pigs are talking to the dog who is chewing a dried pigs ear, the family is watching TV and I finished the handspun dogs wool blend scarf. It is a bit short, but wide. I did not, however, make it and finish it in 2006. I should not have sewn patchwork or made that handsewn toy.

The patchwork is squares for the handsewn squares I inherited from my best friend. They turned out very small, and we dont have a clue of what we did wrong!
I will edge it with another fabric, so nothing is lost, but nonetheless....

Next up: Sew a quilt top out of the squares and my favourite wolf fabric, and spin the excess carded wool for my scarf into a worsted weight yarn for thrummed dog wool mitts... Swoon.

Once again, have a happy new year and a blessed 2007.