Wednesday, 3. January 2007
Update from the cottage.
Right now and until the 7th of January, I am here at my parents cottage. It is nice to be here, and if I had brought enough to knit/craft, I would have knitted/crafted a lot...

I should not complain. I have knitted half of a large, elaborate scarf:

Dogs wool, silk, lambs wool, and various miscellanous merinos.

SOFT. Beautifull!

I had to respin twice, and recard once. The second half is a tad thicker, but I dont think that it is all that bad. I had just spun a batch for the fun of it, and am quite proud that I managed to knit it into a beautifull functional scarf. I had about, uh, 3 yards left over?
The only bad thing about this scarf is, that I did not finish it on my (imaginary) deadline. Which was midnight, december 31, 2006. It was finished at 00.15 AM, January 1, 2007 instead.

The pattern was a swedish, free online pattern, that I will not link to another time because it was literally riddled with errors, unreadable charts and counting mistakes that would make even a reconstruction based on the charts impossible.

Quilt Top

There are more crafty things around here. For example the squares I have mentioned earlier in the year, that I inherited from a friends wife - three handsewn squares, a pieced but not sewn together square, and fabric for another two (almost) squares.

Being Crafty

Measuring the squares gave me measurements that I better not have trusted... My squares are 1 1/6 inch too little in each direction. (I added three fabrics that I bought in Taiwan to the new squares, and do sincerely love the result).
To remedy that, enter strips of my wolf fabric! Works like a charm. Later tonight, I will add triangles to the squares, rotating the squares 30 degrees to the left, and sew them together. That way the uncomfortable measurement of ½ yard square will become bigger and I can create a decent-sized quilt for an adult (instead of the young teen it was intended for, who is now 30), and still have room for a border or two.
I am by no means an expert quilter or patchworker, but I am taking this as an exercise in getting better. It will have a fat piece of batting inside. My mother gave me a nice, but thin, quilt when I moved out in 2002, and it will be nice to have a thick and cushy one, too.
The wolf fabric is one my mother gave me because I cleaned the house before christmas, when her cleaning lady called in sick. I have 230cm, or 2½ yards of it. GLORY. It will not be my backing fabric though, my mother has a purplish fabric that will fit. No sense in buying fancy fabrics for backing, as long as they are durable and not all too ugly or vibrant.

Have a really nice day. I do. I am celebrating a one year anniversary: I started losing weight jan. 3, 2006. That's a year and 50 pounds, and 5-6 sizes.