Saturday, 6. January 2007
Happy Anniversary!
As mentioned in the jan. 3 post, I have recently celebrated an anniversary that means very much to me.
That it was one year ago that I realised just how fat I was, how much I loathed being like this - how much I loathed wobbling all over the place, my three chins, the unsexy and expensive clothing I was forced to buy. I had thought that I was OK with weighing 242,5 pounds until I somehow expanded crazily. Nothing fit anymore, and everything wobbled when I moved. I had become a fat, stranded whale.

I looked something like this:

10 pounds down

It was heavenly. Granted, it took me some time and was very tedious at times with the diet I was following - no, not a diet, rather a lifestyle change that made me drop 2-3 pounds a week in a healthy way. When I went to Taiwan, I had lost 40 lbs. Since then, I have done nothing but try to live healthily and avoid too many snacks.


188 pounds - ignore the beer.... *grins*

I have also bought quite a few new clothing items - even a pair of pants in size *gasp* 14! (Nevermind that the goal is a 10, when I come from an 24). I have borrowed a pair of riding pants from my SIL in a size 14 too.

Which is also why one of the next projects to show up here on the blog will be from Alice Starmore: Aranmor!! A lovely, easy cabled sweater that I will make with the Jaeger Shetland Aran that i got on sale from the UK Ebay for 45$/10 balls, unopened pack, including postage.

Have a really nice day