Monday, 3. July 2006
Future Plans.
I remember talking about a handspun sweater, black and with cables, in this post. By now, I have stashed two kilos, more or less, of black(ish) wool.

One kilo black wool from the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, already scoured and carded, and one kilo of random black sheep, a very happy little sheep I might add, living near our summer cottage on a lush green pasture.
I am hoping to recieve a whole fleece of grey/black wool yet, so I will certainly have choices!

This progress is one I want to share with the blog, as I fear that I will never get around to start if I cannot apply some pressure to myself in the process - re the Yarnharlot who is on her third year of spinning for a Manly Gansey - slowly, but surely.

Because July 1st has already passed, August 1st is undercertain because of moving (Yes, I was admitted into the organ school!), September 1st is sure to be very hot, October 1st will see the start of my spinning and knitting adventure.
I will post weekly technique and spinning updates, to ensure that if anybody should want to embark on their first "spin-and-knit"-adventure, they could follow in my footsteps and have at least a faint idea of what they are doing.

Prior to this I might run a week of "Learn-to-Spin", to refresh my own "spinning memory" and polish some techniques.
Who knows, maybe I can make someone want to learn to spin too? :-)

Have a really nice day - I am just plugging along on The Marianne Sleeve (slowly) and the rainbow-pi-leftover-shawl.