Saturday, 2. December 2006
I spent most of the day at the riding club, for a little local christmas competition, where I was to compete for the first time - ever.

I did well :-)
First, I fell off the horse while warming up - the saddle slid down the side, the horse became scared, I could not stop, and whomp, hello earth.
My case of being proud is this: I was scared. But I did not say "yes" to my teacher, who offered to ride the horse a bit - because hell, scared or not, I am still grown, right?
I was so scared, and my horse was so hyped, that I stood and almost cried when I was climbing up again.

And then.... Nothing. He was so good. I forgot some stuff, and lost the things for sticking the foot into twice... Yet, I still managed to get 63,3%. Bottom of class :-) Who cares? I got a beautifull blue ribbon, a handshake and a lot of self-esteem. Cool. I'm all over it next time again!!

Sometimes, when something is very scary, all there is to do is to jump into it and do it. Sometimes the road is hard to see, what is right and wrong. To see, if there is a way at all, or if you should just let the fear conquer you? It has been a long way for me to learn that, and some of the pitfalls have been way deeper than the fall off of an average height horse. Then, it depends on the little things: A smile, a kind word, some words of plain wisdom.

Maybe, and I will write this now with full respect to the subtitle of my blog, maybe that is why it is so hard to be an Aspergers - we are born with some talents the same, or better as the average human (Neuro Typicals), and some much less developed. Then, we spend much of life learning about those things, until we feel that we know enough - but by then, almost every train has gone by and we are left with superior intellect, average social intellect, many years of age and many many lost, ruined or simply overlooked chances.

I turned 23 last June, and have always feared to meet my classmates from Gymnasium - a degree that is ways better than High-school, but not nearly as much as College. Funnily, I met a girl from Gymnasium today - not a classmate really, we had one lesson a week together in the last year. She lives with her husband on a little farm and is training to be an accountant. Not really a shining career. It was by then that I could burst out in smiles and push all my fears away. Nobody was going to look down on me because I do not have a career (As they have all said, too), but I was indeed doing just as well as several others who had exactly the same starting point as I - just without the Aspergers.

See - we all learn as long as we live. Aspergers just have a tad more to learn than others. Maybe that is why we appreciate knowledge so much?

Have a really nice day


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Friday, 15. September 2006
Random Friday
1) The Baby sweaters is almost up to the sleeves now! I really ought to try to research some more on the topic of "Garnstudio Den-M-Knit"'s shrinkage.

2) My parents go away for the weekend for a "Romantic" weekend "somewhere" far far away from here, in a place where time (almost) stands still... Awwww.
We, the children of those two humans, gifted them with this weekend last year, when they celebrated 25 years of marriage :-) This means, that I will be "baby", or rather "Teenage" sitter for my 11yo sister this weekend.

3) The Beatrice shawl is not growing all that fast. Reasons for that might be:
a) The 5 horses I take a bit care of every day,
b) The three hours I spend playing the organ and the piano every day
c) The spotless flat I live in... Well... not spotless, but a lot cleaner than any other space of my own I have had until now ;)
d) The baby gansey...

4) I have not lost weight again - but Oh! I have not gained any either.

5) How could losing weight turn me into a Clothing Junkie? Everywhere I go I search for "The" Cardigan, "The" T-shirt, "The" long-sleeve-shirt...
Not looking for pants yet, as I, for the wast sum of 15$, have recieved 7-8 pairs of good-quality pants - three pairs of jeans, several Jack Wolfskin - Fjällräven etc., and a pair of black cloth pants. (I bought a pair of jeans for 10€, and a pair for 20kr - roundabout 15$, and the rest was gifts from my mother and my SIL, who both have lost a lot of weight, too.)

Have a really nice day everyone - and I promise, next week will see progress pictures :-)


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Saturday, 12. August 2006
Random Saturday

My paternal grandmother was born on the same date as Fidel Castro! Three years later, though. (August 13).


I seem unable to interpret a very simple pattern. I have 11 repeats of the "Spiral Shawl" now?


Lisa Souza's yarns are really wonderfull and very luscious. We visited a friend yesterday who has knit heaps of shawls with her yarns, and I was really in love! I will order some of her lace yarns soon.


I saw kittens being born yesterday. Two little kittens, but we left the mother alone with her "human mother" to give birth to the rest of the kittens.


Did I ever say how wonderfull Kauni Lace is? I continue to enjoy knitting the Spiral Shawl, even though it is tedious because the repeat consists of only one pattern row.


My X had all my circulars. Now I know why i could only find stray circs for the last ½ year! I am so happy to have all my dear circulars back!


The KnitPicks cirs are so sharp and pointy, and the cable is so soft with no memory! I absolutely need a 2mm, 2.5mm and a 3mm needle in a long lenght. How to get about those though? Knitpicks does not ship to Europe *cry*.


I might need to make an order for a large quantity of thin wool from Heirloom Knitting for the Snowdrift Stole. I love this pattern, and I may have a chance to borrow it. I might also need to learn how to dye an ice blue colour :-)


We will have my favourite food for dinner. Yum.


I got fabric for curtains in my bedroom! Mostly for my large cupboard, which has no doors, but maybe also for the windows. I have 12 metres, 1½ metres wide. Should be enough, huh? Best of all, I only paid 35$ :-)

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Wednesday, 14. June 2006
Random Wednesday
Everyone else does it, so why not I... :)

1) Rosebud is starting to bloom! I dont know how I could phrase it otherwise, because all the roses are knit now and only the edging, the beautifull edge on my bouquet of roses remains to be knit. I need 124 repeats (almost same as on my Rainbow Pi!), and have turned my first corner (I cheated and started 3 repeats prior to the corner), totalling 10 repeats right now. 114 to go.

2) Life is good. I have dropped from 105 kgs (231 lbs) to 92 kgs (200 lbs) which means I have gone from a US 24-26 to an US 14-16. It feels SO GOOD! I have purchased two hanks of 250 grams of Evilla yarn: Grey-Green wool running 300 metres on 100 grams. This will be a sweater in size 40 inches (M). Indicating that my goal still is in the future, at a size 8-10. It just feels SO good to be within the normal size range. I just need to get over one more problem: My bust is (again) so large that cheap clothing fits funnily. *contemplating face*
I can live with that.

3) I have found a funny place in myself that craves toys and all kinds of soft things. I am satisfying it by knitting toys every time I start to envy babies for their soft toys - and then I give the dolls away. The lady organizing the Tombola last sunday told me to keep the toys coming, which pleases me. Life is so good.

4) Life is good. Back in March I passed the exam to the Organ-player school I was hoping to spend the next few years now that the university is out of reach for me (I did study for 1 and a half year, but my Aspergers made it impossible for me, sadly).
Yesterday I got a letter that I was admitted into the school. YESSS!!

5) My computer has died beyond repair. I need a new one, was looking at laptops, but with the wrong person I think because no matter what laptop I was looking at, there was always a problem with it (slow processor, bad graphics, wrong chipset etc.) This is also the direct reason for no pictures. I tried uploading pictures here, but to no avail. I only succeeded in crashing the computer.

6) Jean the Pig did leave home, but did not go to a random person because his number blew off of him so nobody won him! One of the other women selling tickets, in fact the older sister of one of my oldest and best friends, had taken such a liking to him that we all agreed she should just take him home with her. But wouldnt you imagine, the little piggy defied me and 1) changed gender, and 2) took my name!
The piggy is now Lene-Piggy :) Doesent bother me at all seing as how I was born in the Year of the Pig anyhow. (Which means I will turn 23 this year, more accurately, in 10 days)

Have a really nice (random) day


Who would normally go into the kitchen and bake a cake to celebrate the sunshine and the shawl, but who will refrain for the sake of her plans for the Evilla yarn.

(I have edited this post 5 times now to eradicate spelling mistakes etc, I hope it is readable now)

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